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TRM Gareth II and Juliana II
Gareth II and Juliana II – Photo by Amalie

Greetings Sylvan AEthelmearc,

We are looking forward to the events of The Festival of the Passing of Ice Dragon, Beer & Bacon Bash, Blackstone Raids and QRC. We hope we will see you at these events and at regional musters as our armies prepare for war in the summer.

We have been very fortunate as prince and princess to travel to across AEthelmearc’s vast lands as well as other Kingdoms of the Know world. It has brought us to joy to come to know so many of you. AEthelmearc’s might lies in the convictions of its people to make the dream real for all of us. Some do this on the list field, or with painstaking research, a finely crafted item, running an event, cooking feast, or many other ways that are all part of bringing reality to what we do.

We are writing this as we prepare to go to coronation this weekend. We are excited to serve Aethelmearc as King and Queen again.

Ad Glorium Aethelmearc

Gareth and Julianna
Rex and Regina AEthelmearc