Greetings Sylvan Æthelmearc,

In this, my final letter as your Queen, I wish to talk about legacy. It isn’t just for Kings and Queens, it’s something each one of us creates in our lives and this our shared dream. From the time you arrive at an event, or the practices, or the arts you share & teach you leave a legacy. Reflect on the message you create and the way you wish to be remembered, for none of us have forever and time is limited.

It is often said by Royalty that We reign because they believe. It is our duty to create & preserve the dream. This is very true, but as a consort, I have reigned because of the faith my Prince had in me first. In serving the kingdom, it is my hope that the love shared between my Duke, my King, our Prince, Titus Scipio Germanicus shall be remembered for the way in which we lived, with joy and fascination for the world around us. We were very happy and honored to be part of the Royal family once again.

It is also my hope that as the society ages, and loss is experienced, that you will turn towards your friends and not away from them, as there is no greater honor than the celebrated memory of those who lived the dream. It isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile. May you always feel you have a home here.

There has been Augmentations of Arms granted this reign in the form of my badge, a black rose and white wolf head. Whenever you should see this displayed, know that the bearer was of exceptional grace and kindness to your Queen. Forever shall they bear my gratitude.

To my dedicated and loving staff: it was not the reign you expected, but you have served with joy and affection, and have my sincerest thanks for your support. I look forward to supporting you in your future endeavors. To my parents Sven & Siobhán, thank you for accepting us to your Crown list & giving me precious memories, and for the care and protectiveness to prepare for the reign.

To Gareth & Juliana, I could not ask for more gracious and considerate heirs. You have given me many times to celebrate, and much to look forward to this summer as you continue to serve the kingdom.

Most of all I hope this reign continues to inspire all of you to aspire to the throne. It is a hard job, but it is a noble one. As Titus always said, it may be a lot of work, but it’s the best job in the world. I hope you have seen the love and support in the most difficult of times, and that all those who follow me have the best of times.

In service,
Anna Leigh

Her Majesty's Royal Progress