Reign Badge

From her Majesty:

Badge in the registration process; It’s already in use for the Reign. I wanted to do something that would represent both Titus and I, in a way that would bring happiness to me and those working on the reign. Artists are free to make changes as to how the rose is depicted (such as with or without barbs (the green leaves) or the white flora detailing, or to resize the wolf head, etc. The important elements are a Rose Red, White Wolf Head, Blue Eyes. The Wolf depicted is the heraldic choice of Titus and my preferred depiction for that reason, but do not panic or think other wolf representations are unwelcome.

Thank you to Lady Fuji for creating/cleaning up the art and making the files available. And also to Master Madok who worked with me in the heraldic process and took care of registration!

HRM-Anna-Leigh-Reign.png HRM-Anna-Leigh-Reign.jpg HRM-Anna-Leigh-Reign-2.png
Other fie formats are also available.  Contact the webminister if you need them.

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