Clothing our Queen

Citizens of AEthelmarc, as a way to further showcase and encourage the arts in our illustrious kingdom Her Majesty Anna Leigh has gathered together supplies from Her personal store to share with the populace.  These items are grouped into eight suggested projects for Her Majesty. They are only a starting point, and all clothing ideas are welcomed for discussion. They can be completed as a group or individually.

Beyond these suggested projects are opportunities to turn items into largess.  Her Majesty Anna Leigh would love to have examples of her artisans finest works to gift to foreign Kingdoms on her travels.  Common items made for largess are small to medium sized bags or pouches, hoods, block printed or embroidered fabric, themed favors, jewelry, sachets of herbs, etc.  There are many options.

The list below is not exhaustive, and other materials are available.  Her Highness is willing to purchase any supplies needed that are not readily found.

It is Her desire to encourage the artisans of AEthelmarc, and provide them with opportunities to show off their skills through the creation of clothing and accessories.  This allows Her Majesty Anna Leigh to show the populace, both within the Kingdom and out into the Known World, the wonderful talents that exist in our Kingdom.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation of time and talent.

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For further questions or inquiries please contact:

Baroness Adelaide Kramer
Carey McColgan
CareyMcColgan at gmail dot com